About Us

In 1917 around forty Returned Servicemen moved in to farm and call this valley home. It was opened up for them by a grateful government as a reward for their military service.


However by the end of 1942 all the farmers had left the valley virtually penniless after abandoning their holdings to the erosion and the regenerating bush. The treacherous road was no longer maintained and the valley was left deserted and forlorn. All that remains of this settlement is the odd chimney, old concrete paving and some stands of trees. 


Today, the main activities within the valleys are cycling, tramping and hunting, all under the watchful eye of the Department of Conservation.


Our society was set up to promote, enhance and protect the history and environment of the Mangapurua, Kaiwhakauka and Waipapa Valleys. We aim to do this by working alongside the Department of Conservation and local Iwi, to promote walking, cycling and other activities and projects, to raise funds to achieve our goals and to do anything useful in furthering our objectives.