AGM for 2020 is at Angel Louise Café Saturday 27th June at 11am - All welcome.



Held at the Raetihi Cosmopolitan Club Seddon Street RAETIHI Saturday 25th May 2019 at 11am

Chariman Graham West welcolmed everyone to the meeting;


Bob McIntyre, Allan Donald, Graham West, Gavin Brown, Jim Parnell, Robert Baldwin(Baldy), Winston Oliver, Phil Parkes, Chris Bright, Graeme Moffat, Steve Ross and Lesley Brown.


Graham Hardwidge, Stuart and Megan Pearson and Colin West.


Graham West read through these to the members present and discussed all matters.

Moved Steve Ross and seconded by Gavin Brown

Gavin commented on the push bike operator, Mike, from Mountain Bike Station saying the would like to see more signage at the start of the valley and all the way down for their clients. He was supportive of what we are trying to achieve but has no time to attend meetings especially on a Saturday.


Graham presented his report to members and discussed it.

Graeme Moffat was surprised at some of the reactions on photos put up on facebook. He encouraged everyone to put up photos of there trips etc to the valley no matter what they are of as people are interested.

A comment was made that the blue ducks are increasing in the valley and Winston said they are at the Ruatiti Domain also.

Graham talked about a conversation he had had with Jasmine Heskell regarding the valley.Winston had been to a meeting with Urenuku and said they are confident of getting all the land back in there control.

Graham then thanked everyone for what has been done in the last year, and added he was standing down as Chairman due to being so far away and thought the chaiman needs to be a local.

Gavin moved to adopt Chairmans Report


Graeme Moffat said there had been no trips into the valley, and this needed to change.He said it would be good to get something happening for the 100 year celebrtions which are sometime this year.

Jim asked what was expected from the Friends of the Whanganui River now that we are affiliated with them. It was suppested that we invite the Whanganui members to a trip into the valley. Jim said maybe they come up to our meetings and give a report on there Society and what they have on there agenda for the year. Invite members up for a working bee in the valley.

Graeme Moffatt seconded it. Report Adopted


Allan Donald distributed his report and reminded members that subs are now $30.00 and are due. Credit card facilities were discussed but nit at this stage until we get bigger in numbers.

Moved Gavin Brown seconded Bob McIntyre


Friends of the Whanganui River for the annuals $70.00

Website Fee $85.41

Moved by Chris Bright and seconded Allan Donald


Graham West nominated Gavin Brown Moved by Chris Bright seconded by Jim Parnell.

Gavin suggested we go into recess as nothing is happening, and he has done his term, and there are no young people coming on board.He said DOC have let us down on all that was decided and are not working alongside us. They have mixed goals. Graeme Moffat said to run Society as we want it run and not worry about DOC.Go ahead with our signs. Graemne would like Gavin back in as chairman.

Gavin was then asked if he accepted the nomination. And was duly appointed chairman.

SECRETARY: Lesley Brown Moved Graham West seconded Steve Ross

TREASURER: Allan Donald Moved Lesley Brown seconded Steve Ross

Cheque signing to carry on as is from previous year; Allan Donald, Graham West, Graeme Moffatt and Lesley Brown. Any two of the four to sign.

COMMITTEE: All present in the room are now on committee.


Membership; Graham West reported Nothing happening

Communication; Gavin reported Nothing Happening

Building; Steve reported on this saying his draughtsman is off shore at the moment but can tweek the plans for board and batten outside and add an old style looking chimney to the building.

Steve advivised he and his wife would be moving to the South Island, probably in about 12 months time or about and that we need to get a builder on board to take over.He is able to help up to consent stage. We try to get the building up to the next step.

Graeme Moffat discussed Baldy and his boat and him doing a rebuild of a smaller boat.

Standing agenda items; We were hoping to have a report from Urenuku and DOC But nothing.


Gavin Brown commented on the proposed Charity Auction and a building to have it in, and when to have it. This is a small town and we need to aquire things to sell and do lots of publicity.

We could use the 100 year celebration as a basis for promoting. Graeme Moffat was to talk to Dan Steel, and maybe set a date that suits him. Also use The Bridge to Nowhere as a drawcard. Also we could do as a commission on sold products like in farm auctions etc. Graeme Moffat suggested a sub committee be formed.

This was to be Chris Bright, Gavin Brown, Graeme Moffat and Phil Parkes and were to connect after the meeting to discuss.

Sign Board;

Gavin took sign to local printer and it was estimated to cost $1000.00

Peter Lock thought that putting our sign up would bring trouble with no Maori history on it.

Sign to be put up on the road verge or in Ruatiti station. Gavin had spoken to Don Cameron and all was good on road reserve for it.

Rangi Bristol had said to Gavin to leave to Maori part of the sign off for now.Rangi was taking the issue to meeting with Jim Campbell on 25th May that he was attending with Urenuku. See if DOC would accept without the Maori history and print or not we go to local printer.

Moved Gavin Brown seconded Steve Ross

DOC Traps;

Gavin advised it was about 2km of track for these traps, asked who will patrol traps.

Gavin to speak to Peter Lock to what type of trap they were going to put in. Baldy said he was keen to go down and check them when needed.

Lesley advised that she had gone to Angell Loiuses and asked if in future the Society could hold there meetings in there back room. That way we didn’t need to arrange food on accassions hence saving money. Lyn (the owner) Said that would be fine as long as members purchased food and drinks while on the pemises.

They then had 12 extra people this day buying lunches. Everyone agreed it was a perfect place for meetings and food was great.

Gavin presented Tom Mowats family photos and family history that Tom had put together for a plaque at Mowats site in the valley.

Graham West asked if we check with Peter Lock see about designs for family plaques for families of the valley.

Rangi Bristol had said that we may need to have signs Blessed.

Next AGM to be 23rd May 2020

Meeting closed 12.35pm

The meeting was followed by a film at 1.30pm presented by Graeme Moffatt.

This was “A River in Question”

A beautiful unmodified river seen by some as a potential source of hydro electric power, an irreplaceable piece of wild New Zealand.

This was open to public and anyone wanting to attend, unfortunately only one other person attended outside the members already there. (Very poor attendance on such an awesome piece of history)

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