One  of the projects we have underway is to write and place information boards at various sites of previous homes. Explaining the story of the family living at there in those difficult years. Starting with the sites such as Aislabie's, Johnson's and Bettjeman's. Eventually having information boards at as many sites as possible. 


There are other points of interest along the way, such as The trig at the top of the valley with the newly positioned ANZAC memorial. The magazine (a man-made cave) for explosives storage, the Papa Drives (man-made culverts) and the bank with the initials AA and MA carved into by Allen and Mark Aislabie. Along with preserving these, we need to now ensure that the Chimney from the  Bettjeman's house is strengthened. 


To build a remote hut in a National Park firstly involves gaining approval from all parties associated with the land, such as Iwi, the Department of Conservation and Council. Then we have the planning and consent processes to navigate through. All this before we can even start the build, which as you can imagine will have all sorts of hurdles even just with the location and transport of goods to and fro with This is our long term project and the work has already begun. The processes associated with consents, planning, and funding are long and elaborate.