Farming Scheme Documentary

September 2, 2017

We are in the process of working out the script for a new documentary to be made about the soldier farming scheme following the First World War that spread over the Waipapa, Mangapurua and Kaiwhakauka Valleys.


With summer approaching, Capital Video Productions Ltd are now starting to get ready for some of the filming for a couple of the documentaries and one will include some of the area shown in this Blue Duck Station film. This documentary that we will be making on behalf of the Mangapurua Society, will be about the three valleys that were settled after the First World War.


We will be filming in theses areas as well as interviewing people who have had some connection such as descendants of some of the early settlers and people who hunt and assist in the maintenance of the tracks and remnants of the early settlement.


I went up this hill, which is on one of the few remaining farms still being worked, a couple of years ago with Dan Steele and Holly Osten. The trip up to the top of the hill was hair-raising to say the least however Holly had the presence to film the majority of the trip. Mind you she was sitting in the middle and didn't get to look straight down to the bottom of the very steep track like the author did.


This is the first short video of a series we will be publishing of the state of how the valleys are currently now that the farming has largely ceased. The Blue Duck Station is a great place to visit and I would recommend it to anyone interested in exploring New Zealand's back country.




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