Mangapurua Expedition

In November 2014, six Mangapurua Society members, Tom Mowat, Ian McCoubrie, Gavin Brown, Graham Hardwidge, Robert Baldwin and Graeme Moffatt took a day trip in to the Mangapurua Valley to the Bartrum’s farm site which was as far as we could go by quad bike. One of the aims of the trip was to erect a shelter at the Johnson’s farm site camp that many of the society’s members stay at when visiting the valley. The Department of Conservation has now built a permanent shelter there and it is one of the aims of the society to build a permanent accommodation Hut there beside the DOC shelter.

There are not too many visible remains of the farming activity that took place in the valley between 1917 and 1942 and one of the tasks that the society has set itself is to identify anything that has remained and to erect signs on the more prominent ones. As part of the documentary, we will film some of this work taking place over the coming summer months and will provide an in depth expose into some of them.

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