Bridge to Nowhere

This is the third and last video in the series regarding the Mangapurua Valley documentary in the process of being undertaken by the Mangapurua Society. This video highlights the most iconic relic of the post First World War settlement, the Bridge to Nowhere, a bridge that was never used for the purpose of which it was built and now has more foot and cycle traffic across it than it had at any time in its original use.

This simple concrete bridge symbolises a failed attempt at back country pioneering by a community of returned World War One servicemen and their families. The bridge now stands as a moving memorial to the abandoned hopes and dreams of these servicemen that settled the remote Mangapurua and Kaiwhakauka Valleys under a government rehabilitation programme.

Transforming virgin native forest into farmland, the endeavours of these soldier settlers provided this area with its unique history. Although they were initially prosperous, the farms were ultimately abandoned owing to the refusal of the council to maintain the road.

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