Gavin Brown Recollections Talk

Long time Raetihi identity Gavin Brown, gives a talk on his family's ties with the Waipapa and Mangapurua Valleys since his grandfather started farming their after the First World War. This is the first of a series of talks that The Friends of the Mangapurua Society will be hosting over the coming months.

Gavin said, "It's part of New Zealand's heritage. It's an example of how New Zealand was developed. If we let it pass, it'll pass into Nowhere Land, basically." There are still tracks to access the area by bicycle or quad bike and the society is working on signage that will give people information about the area, the settlers and what went on there. "It's not obvious unless someone tells you."

Gavin showed a series of slides of photos and maps of the valleys along with a timeline of events and other useful information. This slideshow has been made in to a movie and is here in its entirety.


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