Mangapurua Society 2019 AGM

We held the AGM of our society at the Raetihi Cosmopolitan Club on Saturday 25th May with a good muster of members present. Our president for the past year tended his resignation owing to the distance he lives from Raetihi and the difficulties involved such as holding discussions with necessary entities.

Gavin Brown was nominated to resume the presidency and accepted the position on the proviso that the society move in a positive direction. Lesley Brown was elected unopposed as Secretary and Alan Donald was again elected unopposed as Treasurer.

The finances of the society are reasonably healthy although we will need to generate some funds during the coming year as our expenses are greater than our present subs can provide for.

One of our major expenses during the coming year may very well be to finance the erection of a sign at the foot of the hill leading to the Mangapurua Valley adjacent to the car park at the end of Ruatiti Road. This will only need to be spent if we are unable to get the Dept of Conservation to follow through with their earlier offer.

Photo of turnoff to Mangapurua Valley from Ruatiti Road and site of proposed sign.

The concept of construction suitable overnight accommodation at the Johnsons farm site was also discussed and the furtherance of concept drawings was agreed upon.

The production of a documentary was discussed and the need to assist in raising some initial funding so that a start could be made on this project. The idea of a charity auction was agreed upon and a small sub committee was set up to undertake this project. A date at the end of August was mooted subject to being able to obtain a suitable location to house donated goods and to hold the auction and the auctioneer's availability. Below is a short video of the proposed content of the documentary which interestingly will celebrate one hundred years of European settlement in the valley.

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