Authoritative Incompetence

The story about the Mangapurua and Kaiwhakauku Valleys is not only about human endeavour and suffering, but also incompetence and lack of responsibility by the authorities involved. This is not only evident in this particular story but also in many instances elsewhere including overseas.

The story of the second 'Bridge to Nowhere' in California is just one more example of the same issue of authoritative incompetence. Not having learnt from their early mistakes, they decided to make another error of judgement in the same valley a number of years later.

It was decided to build a road from Los Angeles to the desert in the eastern part of California in the advent of a nuclear war so the residents could escape the coastal areas. The construction of this road commenced in 1956 and a number of miles were built and paved including boring two large tunnels.

At the end of the 1960's, after the second tunnel was finished, the road was abandoned with nothing further being built past its eastern portal. This road became known as the 'Road to Nowhere' and like the bridge on the opposite side of the same valley, are now tourist meccas and see large numbers of visitors every year.

We are not alone in our idiocy and here is a video detailing this road and its two tunnels.

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