November Committee Meeting

November 11, 2019


held on Saturday 2nd November 2019 at 11am at Angel Louise Seddon street Raetihi


Meeting opened at 11am by Chairman Gavin Brown


Present:                                                                                                                                                               Bob McIntyre,Graeme Moffatt, Jim Parnell, Alan Donald, Gavin Brown, Lesley Brown, Winston Oliver,  Bruce Sandford and special guest Lynley Twyman (MTS and Timber Trail)



Colin West, Val Stratford, Dave Porritt, Graham Hardwidge, Tom Mowat, Peter Dyer, Graham West and Steve Ross. These were read and moved by Alan Donald seconded by Graeme Moffatt

Minutes from previous meeting;

These were read, Gavin reading out the main points of interest.

Matters arising from the minutes;

Graeme Moffatt pointed out that he had donated a projector to the club in conjunction with the screen.

The minutes were passed as read and accepted



Updates from Mountains to sea from Lynley Twyman

Friends of the Wanganui River Newsletter

Graeme Moffatt suggested we send a letter to DOC with our disappointment on their attendance at meetings, and pointed out we are getting no  co-operation from them at all. This to be sent to DOC office higher up. (Damien O Connor)

Moved by Graeme Moffatt and seconded by Alan Donald


Financial Report:

The Charity Auction report was read out. Made a total of $7341.00 on the day

Alan Donald moved we make a donation of $200.00 to the Waimarino A & P Ass. For the power  and use of the produce shed for the auction.

Auction accounts already paid are; Eftpos machine            $115.00        Hire-age

                                                               Ruapehu Bulletin          $235.22       Advertising

                                                               Lesley Brown                 $ 84.80        Goods sold less commission

                                                               Bernice Frost                 $ 96.80        Goods Sold less commission

Advertising on Radio was FREE

Still to Pay ;                                          Ruapehu Bulletin          $239.20        Advertising in Chronicle

                                                               Brown Livestock Ltd     $ 61.85         Sheet of Ply for sign

Alan Donald said Bank Balance as of 2/11/2019 was $ 9679.65

Financials were moved by Bob McIntyre and seconded by Graeme Moffatt


General Business:

Gavin introduced and welcomed  Lynley Twyman to the meeting. Lynley is a marketing director and is involved with the Mountains to Sea  and the Timber Trail.

Auction:     This was a big job with over 180 lots put up for sale.

                 Gavin, Lesley Phill and Chris did a lot of work collecting and organising these lots

                 A letter to be sent to Keith Wilsher our auctioneer from Wanganui who did an awesome            


Sign:        Graeme Moffatt had this printed in Wellington and it is now ready to be put up. Thanks      

                 Graeme. A letter to be sent to Peter Locke (DOC) for the graphics he put together on this 

                 Sign. Gavin suggested where this was to be put at the carpark to the track. All agreed.

                 Jim Parnell asked if at some stage we could put a sign at Whakahoro as well, and everyone                                 Agreed.

Track:        Diggers were down the valley at this stage doing repair work and tiding up culverts etc. A

                 Huge pipe was going in at Log creek. They have reformed the road from the trig to slippery 

                 Creek and other parts as far down as Bettjemans. It was estimated that DOC had spent in 

                 Excess of $40 thousand dollars.

                 Gavin had a talk to Jim Campbell (DOC) on the phone before our meeting and advised the 

                 Proposed opening was beginning of December or a little after. It would open when the 

                 Geotech guys have done their  report.

                 More signs are proposed for the valley with history attached, and we would approach the 

                 Local business to do the work. Graeme Moffatt to do a template and come back to 

                 Committee with it. This was left in Graemes hands for the time being.

Movie Money:

 Graeme Moffatt suggested we promote ourselves better to receive more money.

  Maybe do trips into the valley for Families of decedents, school trips, general community 

  People and run some regular events in the valley.

  It was put to the members present who was in agreement with the film being made and 

  Who was against. Graeme Moffatt said he needed $2500.00 just to get started and the 

  Estimated finished costs around $50 thousand, and most of that would come from grants.

  Noteing all this it was pointed out that the film wont bring any money back into the 

  Society. No Funding meant NO FILM

  Graemes friend Alex Funke was on his way back from overseas and he would be helping  

  With Film. It was suggested a hut in the valley a better option and it would bring in

  Revenue. Concences was  NO to movie., that no money would be given to G.Moffatt 

  For the movie.

  Graeme asked maybe a loan for the money of $2000.00 instead of payment.

  The meeting then passed a resolution that G.Moffatt would be loaned $2000.00 for

  the movie.

Booklet:   Graeme Moffatt presented the booklet he had made up of the valley and wanted put at 

  Various information centres and sold on the website.Gavin moved to have  50 printed and 

    Graeme Moffatt seconded.  As the members were not really 

  In favour of this being funded by the society, Graeme said he would print and pay for these 



Meeting closed at 11.55am


Lynley Twyman from the Mountains to sea and the Timber Trail then talked to members on her role with both these organisations and what they would mean not only to the Mangapurua but the whole country with trails and cycles, funding and regulations happening.




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